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Time & Place is a drama series revolving around a 30-something year old magazine writer, Rebecca Woodruff, who returns, with her six year old daughter and husband, to the small coastal town on the Sunshine Coast where she grew up and back to her chaotic family after living abroad for many years.
The Woodruff family consists of Rebecca’s divorced mum & dad Alice & Eddie, her mum’s partner Liz, her sister Katie, brother-in-law Ben and children Emily & Ashley and her wildly single brother Oli. They are all thrilled at Rebecca’s return and it isn't long before Rebecca realises how much she has missed her family and maybe this is the time and the place she needs to be. However, Rebecca’s husband is not interested in staying so Rebecca must now decide what the best path is for her to take. If she chooses to stay she will be forced to face a dark secret she has kept to herself for the past six years. Through conflict, hardships, struggles and hope, Time & Place creates a sense of drama yet takes the audience on a journey from relationship chaos to down to earth family love, friendship and support.


The premise to this series was inspired by some fabulous Australian relationship dramas such as Packed to the Rafters, Offspring, 800 Words, The Secret Life of Us, House Husbands etc…..all successful shows that centre around family and relationships and tell stories in sincere and honest ways and have audiences going back for more week after week.
When I first realised how popular web series are becoming I searched for one that was based along the lines of these type of Australian shows and I couldn’t find one so that is when Time & Place was born. In 2018 we shot seven webisodes of Time & Place and once we showed it to Screen Australia they came onboard as principal production investor and funded the post. Following completing the web series and after discussions with Screen Australian and Screen QLD, it became apparent that Time & Place was suited to become a television series. Therefore we are now on the path to produce 6 x 50 minute episodes.  Overall I want to repeat what has been a highly successful formula in Australian television for many years and still is with shows such as Five Bedrooms and Doctor Doctor. I want to provide a weekly series for those viewers who love these type of shows and for any viewer who simply wishes to escape and become immersed in the drama that surrounds the everyday lives of the Woodruff’s.


The writer/director of Time & Place is Tam Sainsbury. Since graduating from the University of Surrey in London 18 years ago with a degree in film and television she has worked in several countries on feature films, news programs, documentaries, advertisements and television shows. Her previous work includes writing, producing and directing the feature film Mind Fire (starring Rowena Wallace, Peter Sumner, Conrad Coleby and Lara Cox) plus numerous short films, the most recent being  the award winning short film Pinky Promise that received a silver award at Cinemafest in New York, an Honourable Mention at Canada Shorts, a nomination for best film at Golden Earth awards, semi-finalist at Los Angeles Cinefest and screened at the Swiss Film Festival, Ireland’s Richard Harris film festival and the Rome Film Festival.. Tam is a member of the Australian Directors Guild (ADG), Australian Writers Guild (AWG) and The Writers Guild Of America (WGA). More information on Tam Sainsbury is available at



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